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The Poet

Albino Pierro was born in Tursi, a small town in the province of Matera, on 19 November 1916. His childhood was marked by the loss of his mother, Margherita Ottomano, who died when the poet was still wrapped in a swaddling blanket. The maternal figure and the native town (“A terra d’u ricorde”) are fundamental terms of the poetic Pierrian story (“Ma iè le vogghie bbéne a Ravaténe/ cc’amore ca c’è morta mamma méja”). The father, Salvatore Pierro, landowner, marries again while Albino is entrusted to the care of the aunts Assunta and Giuditta, two figures that appear in the verses of the mature poet.

       The years of apprenticeship are consumed by the young and restless Albino between Taranto, Salerno, Sulmona, Udine and Novara. In 1939 he arrived in Rome where he settled permanently. In 1944 he graduated in philosophy and began teaching history and philosophy in high schools.

The museum house of Albino Pierro


Albino Pierro’s house is located in the historic center of the San Filippo district in Piazza Plebiscito. The house is a structure consisting of a basement that overlooks the alley Garibaldi and, on two raised floors on Corso Umberto I. From the building there is an enchanting panoramic view of the river Pescogrosso…

The Literary Park

Parco Letterario Albino Pierro

Officially born on 3rd September 2010, it was inaugurated on 27th November 2010. The Albino Pierro Literary Park is a journey along the places of life and inspiration of the poet. The City of Tursi, its places, its houses, its landscape, its history, its poetry represent a heritage to protect and enhance…

Albino Pierro non-profit study center

Centro Studi Albino Pierro Tursi

Established on 31th August 2007, the Association carries out a safeguard action as well as an enhancement of the library and archival heritage (paper, sound and video) of the poet Albino Pierro; enhancement of the territory and all the cultural heritage of Tursi, in particular…

Discover the House Museum

The stages of the path:

The Town Hall (via Pietro Giannone, 19)
After the local festival (piazza Plebiscito)
The basket (via Garibaldi, 1)
When they killed the pig (via Garibaldi, 8)
The oil mill (via Garibaldi, 16)
What do you know about it? (via Mazzini, 2)
The Post Office (corso Umberto I, 4)
Before leaving (terrazzo casa-museo Albino Pierro)
The mountains of my country (corso Umberto I, 23)
Saint Lucia's day (corso Umberto I, 56)
The “Vigliotte” (Corso Umberto I)
The Rabatana (inizio Pitrizze)
The ravine (Piccicarello)
Christmas in Tursi (Chiesa S. Maria Maggiore)

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